18 February 2015

20% Discount on your Ferry tickets by Anek-Superfast Ferries

ANEK-SUPERFAST Ferries has made the following offer to participants of the 2015 470 Junior World Championships:

•    20% discount on the official 2015 price list for passengers in all class and berth categories
•    20% discount on the official 2015 price list for the transportation of vehicles and trailers for all categories of vehicles

Special terms:
1.    This discount is only valid on voyages from/ to Ancona between 18-24 July 2015 and 16-18 August 2015
2.    The prices on the price list are charged an additional €15 per person/per passage and €15 per vehicle/per passage for a fuel fare which is currently in force and which is not included in the discount.
3.    This discount is not added to other discounts in our price list (early booking, family discounts, youth discounts etc).  Only one discount, the larger one, will count.
4.    The discount for vehicles is only for passenger vehicles and not professional vehicles such as trucks.
5.    The discount is not valid for unaccompanied vehicles.
6.    Ways of booking: Interested teams should register to the host club (NCTh, ) in order to ensure your right to this discount. NCTh, in turn, will provide Anek-Superfast  with the list of participants & coaches (Full name & vehicle license plate).  Booking and payment will be made directly to Anek-Superfast by the teams (Call Center  tel. 210 89 19 700, fax: 210 89 19 709, e-mail: Please be aware that no discounts will be made through local travel agencies.